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Peg Perego Travel System

The Peg Perego travel system is a very unique concept that allows you to use several of their products together as a modular system; essentially allowing you to conveniently travel with what could otherwise be very cumbersome individual objects like strollers and car seats that need to be used and maintained separately from each other.

Traveling with children (TSA).

Per Perego is a quality Italian designed and manufactured baby goods company that produces top quality strollers, prams, baby car seats and accessories.

Peg Perego Travel System & Switch Four

Peg Perego also have a product line named the Switch Four Modular System that provides, as they say, all that your child needs from their day of birth, up to they are aged into their toddler years. This is provided in the one single purchase, thus negating the need to shop around and buy each item separately (which generally ends up adding to a considerably higher price, and lack of compatibility between products).

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Included in the Switch Four Modular System package from Per Perego is a car seat for infants, a bassinet and the Switch Four stroller.

Included with the car seat is a diaper bag, and the bassinet comes with a bassinet stand to be used in a nursery.

The stroller itself is able to accommodate the bassinet and the car seat on the chassis, which is why this system is so modular. The pieces literally fit together and can be interchanged depending upon where you are and how you wish to use it.

This flexible travel system means that your baby can sit in comfort in his bassinet whilst being wheeled around in the stroller, or even remaining in the car seat if you do not wish to wake him during those precious hours of sleep. If purchasing different brands of stroller, car seat and bassinet, each item could only be used individually, with the baby having to be removed from a comfortable sleeping position in his or her bassinet or car seat, in order to be placed in the stroller.

The Switch Four Modular System eliminates this problem thanks to the perfect compatibility of all the items.

The Modular System Pack

This is the complete list of what you receive in the Per Perego Switch Four Modular System pack:

  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 Car Seat
  • Navetta Bassinet
  • Brosa Mama Diaper bag
  • Pliko Switch Four Stroller plus rain cover, foot muff and bumper bar

The Pliko Switch Four Stroller features a reversible seat so that you can position your child to either face forward to see the world ahead, or to face you so that you can keep a close eye on her while she sleeps.

The stroller also features a compacting folding mechanism that requires only one hand, which is so often needed when you have your hands full with bags, or when holding your child in one arm as you pack up the car.

Peg Perego Travel System Reviews

So what are real users saying about the Per Perego Switch Four Modular System?

Thankfully, the reviews and comments that we’ve found are largely very favorable, pointing to this package being an investment that parents are happy that they made for the sake of convenience, as well as for quality and for the comfort of their child as they grow up from birth to pre-school age.

People are certainly commenting about the convenience and flexibility of the system, as they can simply move the baby in the bassinet without causing any disturbance.

“Its perfect. absolutely love it. I can have my grandson anywhere in the house and easily roll the bassinet where I need it. I can easily switch between the bassinet and car seat on the stand. Its just perfect.” (customer comment from

The light weight design is certainly something that people are appreciating, as there is nothing worse than having to haul a heavy stroller in and out of the car.

“It’s really light weight stroller for this modular system, stylish, manoeuvrable and simple to use! There’s everything you and your baby need for any ages!! Love it! I definitely recommend it!!” (customer review from

The Skate System is another system created by Peg Perego which can be converted into a travel system by purchasing the Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat separately, which attaches right on to the chassis of the stroller by making use of the car seat adapters which are included.

This then allows you to quickly transfer your child from the car right into the chassis of the Skate stroller so that there’s no disturbance or unnecessary fussing that is so often experienced when having to take a young child out of a car seat and into a pram.

The Peg Perego travel system products make it easier for parents to travel with their children, whether it is for a whole day out, or a simple and fast trip to the local store.

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