An Overview of Peg Perego Products

Peg Perego is an Italian based company who design and manufacture high end strollers.

They proudly state that their company was founded by the Perego family in Italy and still runs as a family based business today, with all of their products still being made in Italy (ref.). This is in stark contrast to most other companies who have since outsourced most of their manufacturing to lower cost manufacturing countries such as China where, sadly, the build quality can suffer considerably.

Peg Perego was founded 1949 by the Perego family in Italy.

Perego aims to maintain a very high standard of manufacturing across their entire product range.

The company creates products for people who have various needs and preferences.

They have a focus on creating comfortable products, as well as functional ones, which can suit urban, suburban or rural lifestyles, as well as for people who are on the go, or who travel frequently.

Per Perego Products

peg perego strollerBelow you will find a brief outline of some of the products that Per Perego currently offers.

This range includes car seats, strollers, modular systems, booster chairs, high chairs, and a variety of accessories for babies.

Per Perego Car Seats

The car seats collection is updated yearly, with the 2012 and [this-year] collections currently available from the company.

The Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat can accommodate children from 5 to 30 pounds in weight and features side impact protection that meets the highest level of standards and regulation.

Like all of the company’s products, these car seats are designed to match and coordinate with the style and colors of other Peg Perego products, such as the modular systems and strollers where they can be used as a convenient attachment for travel purposes.

Per Perego Strollers

The company has a large number of stroller choices.

peg perego skate stroller

The [this-year] collection features a number of updated and new models, including:

  • Book – a basic and compact stroller, the Book model is named as such as it can literally fold up like a book. This is a new model from the company and is compatible with their established Travel System line of products.
  • Book Plus – an upgrade from the Book mode, Book Plus allows you to reverse the direction of your child, so he or she can either face you or face forward in the seat. It is promoted as a stroller that can be from the newborn stage up to toddler age, so essentially for the entire time that your child requires a stroller.
  • Pliko Four – this stroller is fitted with Peg Perego’s advanced suspension system, which allows for a much smoother ride for your child when traversing rougher terrain environments. It also has telescoping handles and a one hand fold up system for extra convenience. Despite being a full sized stroller, the company has focused on making the Pliko Four a lightweight option, making it ideal for parents who are often loading the stroller in and out of the car.
  • Pliko Mini – Another lightweight stroller option, Pliko Mini weighs 13 lbs and can also be folded with one hand, like its bigger brother the Pliko Four. It folds up very flat so is easily stored away in even the smallest cars.
  • Switch Four – This stroller is also reversible, and features the suspension that the company prides itself on. There is also a rain shield fitted to the stroller, and a foot muff that coordinates with the design and color of the stroller. This stroller can be used by children aged from newborn, through to toddler as it has been made to “grow with the child” with the four different position options, and comfortable flat recline position for newborn babies.
  • Uno – This stroller features a reversible handle, and can be used as a pram for very young babies, and later as a regular stroller as your child progresses to the toddler stages. There is a central brake system at the rear, and swivel wheels at the front, for complete control as you direct the stroller. You are able to attach the company’s car seat to the stroller by using the included G-Matic system.
  • Vela Easy Drive – with a focus on maneuverability, this stroller has larger than average wheels, as well as being a light weight stroller and one that adds extra comforts for your child such as the cup holder and tray.

Peg Perego Tips – Support Options

The company offers their customers information on customer support via the official Peg Perego website.

There is a helpful FAQ section that answers a number of often asked questions that you may have, as well as links to contact information for phone and email support, warranty details, information on where to buy their products, and a directory of service centers that can be searched for by state or zip code within the USA.

It is also well worth checking the Overstock Store section on the Peg Perego website, as they often list products for sale here at a discounted price, -Michelle @ stroller