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Should you have any questions at all regarding anything (yes, really, anything at all), don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Maybe you have certain specific questions about my post or the information on this website. Maybe you have more in-depth questions about a certain product that I have mentioned here on my blog. Get in touch with me!

Also, if you have ANY suggestions how I could improve your experience, some special subject that you would like me to write about. I’m all ears!

For any questions related to business matters, such as press releases, product reviews or interviews. Send them to our founder Michelle Wynn. She, i.e. I, might be able to help you get in touch with our readers; maybe you would like to announce your new product to parents? Maybe you would like to get your product reviewed by an independent blogger. I can help you with that.

Just remember that this site is many about helping parents finding the highest quality and the best baby strollers there is. We are dedicated to deliver the very best reviews, tips and advice to our readers. So, if you are no confident that your product will deliver great value, don’t even bother contacting me. You will just waste your time, my time and my reader’s time.

I work as a one-woman show, and I produce all my articles and videos myself (sometimes with the help of my husband though). This site is a project that I operate in my spare time. Therefore updates happens when I have the time available and not on regular basis.

I will reply to all your comment, questions and general ramblings as soon as I can.

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