Peg Perego Skate Accessories

Hi, it’s Michelle here, and in this article I will tell you more about the available Peg Perego Skate accessories.

Peg Perego makes high quality Italian designed and manufactured items for babies, such as strollers and car seats.

But they also have a very large range of carefully designed accessories available as well.

Many of these accessories have been developed to add extra functionality or use to the existing main products from the company. Currently, Peg Perego has two entire collections of accessories available; those from 2012 and the new accessory collection from [this-year].

The company releases new products annually in the style of the fashion industry, continually updating both the look and the functionality of each of their products in line with current trends and technological advances.

People who have purchased the Peg Perego Skate system will be pleased to know that there are a number of Peg Perego skate accessories that have been developed specifically for this system.

There is a bassinet stand, a child’s tray, and a jumper seat.

These items are briefly described below so that you gain some idea of what they aim to do, and whether or not you might find them useful.

Skate System Bassinet Stand

This lightweight stand has been developed for a number of uses, and is able to be folded up quickly and very compactly, for easy and convenient storage and transport.

skate system bassinet stand

Peg Perego calls this a “miracle stand”. This is because they say that you can use the Skate bassinet or seat anywhere thanks to this stand; such as near your bed, in the kitchen, or when visiting friends.

The bassinet stand is able to securely hold the Skate system seat or bassinet or the Primo Viaggio SIP 30-30 car seat.

So this stand really is made to be used with the entire Skate System range, adding that little bit extra functionality and travel capability to an already very mobile-oriented system. By the way, these are the current safety standards:

Skate Child’S Tray

The child’s tray has been created for use with the Skate stroller system.

peg perego skate child tray

It can be interchanged with the front bar of the stroller and allows the child to keep food and drink within easy reach. There is also a cup holder included on the tray so that spillage is minimized or eliminated altogether.

The tray is able to be closed and opened very quickly and easily because of the hinge design.

peg perego skate cup holder 1

peg perego skate cup holder 2

Your baby’s bottle will easily fit into the cup holder section, while the tray itself is wide and deep enough to accommodate most child snacks and other foods, whilst minimizing fall off thanks to the deep indented design.

Peg Perego Skate Accessories – The Skate Jumper Seat

This accessory caters to families who have had a second child come along, but don’t want to (or can’t) race out and purchase a duplicate system for the new arrival.

The Skate System is able to be easily changed from a one child system to a two child system with the purchase of the Skate Jumper Seat accessory. Children who are six months or older can use the jumper seat, and the newborn baby is then able to comfortably be placed in the stroller itself. This makes it simple to push around two children with the one unit, without having to resort to the twin strollers which so often place the children side by side, thus resulting in a very wide and unwieldy design.

Find out more about the peg perego skate jumper seat here.

Other accessories from Peg Perego cover a number of other purposes and uses.

They have available a special mosquito net that has been specifically designed to fit their strollers. The netting is a soft mesh material that is completely breathable and fits right around the front of the stroller, but can easily and quickly be removed if required.

The Book Child’s tray is another accessory worthy of mention.

Although it is made only for the Book stroller models, the tray is certainly unique in that it features a liner that is anti-bacterial, whilst also being safe for washing in the dishwasher. This makes the tray exceptionally hygienic, while allowing the child to have easy access to snacks and toys right in front of him.

Rain covers have been developed for virtually all of the Peg Perego stroller range.

These rain covers close in the front and the sides of the stroller, for complete rain protection. it is very easy to attach to the stroller, and contains two ventilation pockets so you can rest at ease knowing that your child is comfortable whilst they are staying dry and warm.

peg perego skate rain cover 1

peg perego skate rain cover 2

Another great accessory is the Stroller Travel Bag which is a very stylish bag that is compatible with four of the Peg Perego stroller models. It has been carefully designed to provide complete protection for the stroller, which is particularly important on longer trips where the stroller may get rattled about during transportation.

These accessories from Peg Perego, both for the Skate range of products and for the company’s other models, add that extra functionality and usefulness to what are already certainly very functional products.

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